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      Partnership without a written agreement it's Russian roulette.

Lesliе D. Korvin


Do you find it hard to hire a qualified accountant? Have you just recently registered a company? Is your company’s turnover not high enough to offer a full-time position to a specialist and pay them a monthly salary? Our company can help you with accounting in these and many other cases. Moreover, you pay only for the work performed.

Our company helps with all accounting issues both individual entrepreneurs and large organizations. You can employ our specialists to solve a particular problem, as well as settle a long-standing contract providing bookkeeping and accounting services for your company.

We guarantee the confidentiality of all business information, when providing accounting services, and are responsible for the quality of work performed, the consistence of bookkeeping, the reliability of the results owed to external and internal users.

The work performed by experts will allow you to get information about the financial status of the company quickly and with maximum precision. We attempt to create the best conditions for the development of your business, when providing accounting services.

Our company offers the following services:

  • Accounting procedures;
  • Maintenance of accounting, i.e. bookkeeping;
  • Reconstructing of financial accounts;
  • Preparation and submission of all required report;
  • Consultation on any accounting issues.

Accounting procedures

Any business cannot be successful without sensible. Ill-conceived accounting system, ignorance of certain specific features of bookkeeping in Cambodia, can lead to serious errors, which, in turn, will entail losses or even penalties. The main goal of our specialists at this stage is to develop and implement an accounting system that will allow keeping records and handling the primary documentation with minimal effort in the shortest amount of time possible. Accounting involves setting the company's accounting policies, preparation of model commercial contracts, signature authorization, writing the job descriptions of employees.


It has been recently getting more and more popular to hire a bookkeeper. The service is especially relevant at the stage when the company still cannot afford to keep the state competent accountant, but clearly understands the importance of proper bookkeeping from the very beginning.

Bookkeeping services that our company provides include a range of routine activities, which are usually performed by a chief accountant. When we are responsible for accounting, we provide complete and correct reflection of all business operations, costs and revenues over a certain accounting period.

Bookkeeping includes the following services:

  • Examination of primary documentation’s validity and its compliance;
  • Calculation of taxes and other compulsory payments according to the national legislation;
  • Bank, cash and personnel documents handling;
  • Intangible assets accounting;
  • Preparation of financial statements;
  • Payroll accounting;
  • Development of model contracts for work with clients.

Bookkeeping services can include the whole complex or individual services; it all depends on your company’s needs.

Reconstruction of financial accounts

The necessity for this service often arises because of the absence of any particular accounting during some period or inaccurate accounting due to unreliability or lack of primary documentation. In this case, we diagnose the current state of the firm’s accounting to identify problems and prepare recommendations for their elimination. Then draw up a recovery plan, set an amount of time it takes and calculate the scope and cost of services needed, respectively. After that, we perform the full range of reconstruction work and provide the necessary data for this period.

Writing and submitting financials

We provide services involving writing, preparation and submission of accounting and tax reports for large organizations and small entrepreneurs. Our specialists can prepare all the necessary reports based on primary documents and other company’s information within the shortest possible period and promptly send them for review. We take upon ourselves submission of zero balance accounting, quarterly and yearly records.