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      Partnership without a written agreement it's Russian roulette.

Lesliе D. Korvin



Business plan is a good opportunity for a company of quick and effective business strategy setting, as well as the best way to attract potential investors. Nowadays business strategies are being continuously improved, but not every company owner has a sufficient amount of time to draw up his own new course of business development. Therefore, we propose to use the prepared business plans made by our experts, which are based on current market research.


What is a business plan? Many entrepreneurs, regardless of their experience, think that a business plan is needed only in order to get a bank loan or raise capital. However, it has much more potential. A prepared business plan may be a real asset in business management. It is not only an analytical material, but also a kind of insurance against errors in future activities.


We can give you an excellent opportunity to study the finished projects according to business plans used by our customers, compare the goals and objectives, their solutions, using non-standard methods and strategies. Because of this, you will cut costs, reduce risks and increase competitiveness of your enterprise. A prepared business plan can show new ways of implementing projects, business expansion and promotion of goods and services. With our help, you can understand prospects of your projects, not risking anything.


What are the advantages of working with us? We have enough experience in the drawing-up of business plans in various branches of business. We guarantee the perfect quality of our documents and are ready to reply for them and defend them in front of your investors. We approach each project individually and thoroughly study the available documentation. We believe that every business is unique, and each of our project aims at development of a solution that is right for your company with regard to its development features, capabilities, and current policies and business environment. If necessary, we provide high-speed operation and are ready to perform it in the shortest possible time.


Drawing-up of a business plan.

Drawing-up of a business plan is a detailed project basis, which makes it possible to fully evaluate the effectiveness of the business and answer the question of whether it is reasonable to invest money in it. It describes the goals and objectives that should be accomplished during implementation of the planned changes, as well as methods of their accomplishments and indicators that measure the results.


Drawing up of a business plan consists of certain steps.

We distinguish the following ones in our work:

  1. We determine the needs of the customer and sign a contract. Together with the customer, our specialists determine the purpose and objectives of the business plan. We clarify the project participants, sign a contract providing services and begin its drawing-up.

  2. Marketing research. We study the market situation, analyse the competitors, study supply and demand and determine the most effective steps for the development of your company.

  3. Financial modelling. We draw up a business plan, based on received information and submit a report on its drawing-up, which necessarily includes narrative charts, diagrams, resulting tables, integrated financial indicators. Specialists conduct the necessary advisory conversation and explain each item of the plan, answer all your questions, taking into account the views of management.

  4. The final stage. That is when we draw up the final version of the business plan, which is approved by the management of your company and is transmitted to all interested persons and organizations (potential investors, shareholders and others).