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      Partnership without a written agreement it's Russian roulette.

Lesliе D. Korvin


Business in Cambodia is organized by means of two methods: the traditional incorrect method and the more perspective method – the business organization by means of consulting company services. In the country there are many foreign investors who tried to open their own business and finally lost everything. It is almost impossible to create here a company without any support of experienced jurists. A businessman shall understand the norms of the international legislation and the state legislation, have the experience of the business organization in Cambodia and know all juridical niceties.

Our company offers you:
  • professional jurists who specialize in these questions in Cambodia and master Russian;
  • large-scale support in any juridical questions, associated with rent in Cambodia and acquisition of citizenship.

Legal business services

1. Legal support of a company embodies:
  • juridical consultations and pronouncements, given in the process of the client business activity;
  • preparation of the written reports, which embodies analysis and juridical judgment of a definite situation, citation of perspectives and the methods of its solution;
  • inspection of the documents, presented by a client according with the Cambodia legislation;
  • participation of our jurist in the bargaining in behalf of the client with third persons;
  • recommendation of the client’s company interests in state agencies and at courts.

2. Contractual employment:
  • processing of documents in Khmer and English (agreements, contracts, protocols about intendments), necessary to fulfill the entrepreneurship;
  • consultations and explanations (translations) at all points of the company documentation;
  • planning, expert examination and preparation of contracts according with the legal norms of Cambodia and the client’s interests.
The last point is very important for the proper functioning of your business. Consideration of the state legislation specifics is very urgent in our conditions.

3. The support of contracts is a main stage in dealing with partners. The professional legal advice in this case will reduce to minimum the current risk by preparation of contracts. Also it will provide time and money saving. This integrated service embodies such activity:
  • accumulation and analysis of the information about a potential partner;
  • formulation of contracts according with the current legislation;
  • consultations, associated with the working out of the bargaining strategy, direct participation in the bargaining, advice in formulation of contracts with the partner;
  • debt collection under contract.

Services in the civil law:
  • reprocessing of the documentation;
  • recommendation in state agencies and at court in case of administrative violations;
  • sale and purchase of houses, business, flats and juridical support by contracts with immobility.

Legal advice in the public law:
  • consultations in the public law;
  • recommendation of entrepreneurial interests and juridical persons in commercial cases in other countries.

We are always ready to give you advice in different situations: documents processing on immobility, registration of a new company or even simply audit of the documentation identity. Collaborating with our clients, we follow the main rule – confidentiality, professionalism, individual approach to our clients.