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      Partnership without a written agreement it's Russian roulette.

Lesliе D. Korvin


Management consulting is an independent and objective service provided by qualified professionals, aimed at the identification and analysis of problems in company’s management, at determination of their possible solutions and introduction of new proposals and recommendations in order to improve existing forms of business and management.

Where there may be a need for management consulting?

The need for consulting services in management can occur if there are planned changes in company’s business, during a crisis and decrease in company’s performance, or if business prospects for the future are unclear. Other reasons may include establishment of a new organization or the need to achieve a higher quality level of various goods and services and functioning businesses-structures. Provision of management services by our company includes the following stages:


  1. Getting to know an issue, conducting a preliminary study, collecting information. Harmonization of working conditions and signing agreement (contract) with our company providing consulting services.

  2. Diagnostics. It is very important for an accurate understanding of the objectives that must be achieved by means of management consulting. At this stage, we analyse the problems identified, process the information received and form the problem field. We determine the internal potential of the company and external resources that can help in problem solving.

  3. Preparation of an action plan, including objectives setting, development of solutions based on company’s potential and overall planning of changes implementation.


These three steps are the basis of consulting services provided by our company. First, we get to know the company and identify the problem, then analyse everything and draw up a plan of action and only then provide you with a report on its work and recommendations on the necessary changes in the management system. But if you are not confident in your abilities or need specialized assistance in the implementation of the recommendations, we will be pleased to offer you the following two stages of work that can be done together with our specialists.


  1. Implementation of the necessary changes with technical support of our consultants. We conduct training to form a common understanding of the changes that need to be made, monitor performance and adjust implementation of the tasks.

  2. Completion. This stage includes evaluation of the project and the results achieved, calculation and, if necessary, specification of the future direction of cooperation with us.


Complex work on development and implementation of new management accounting program in your company will lead to increased efficiency of the business, its growth and improvement of the management system.