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      Partnership without a written agreement it's Russian roulette.

Lesliе D. Korvin



If youhave decided to set up your own business in Cambodia, you definitely need help of specialists.

It is rather difficult to register a new company even in your home country, let alone abroad. Entrepreneurs rarely approach the latter without help of specialists, since it requires some specific knowledge. It is best to delegate all the registration procedures to a consulting company from the very first day of business planning.


We are ready to provide you with the following services:

  • Consultations on any registration issues in Cambodia (forms of company’s registration, necessary documents, necessary mandatory conditions and so on);

  • Help in selection of the most appropriate form of ownership for the future company;

  • Preparation of all the necessary documentation for registration of the company;

  • Assistance in the preparation of the constituent documents;

  • Reregistration and re-amending the constituent documents.


The most important thing is that we will do everything properly, in accordance with the national law and at best value for you. Note that those who attempt to register a company in Cambodia on their own spend much more money than they expect and in some cases, they cannot do it for all the money in the world. Having experience, we know where and how you can save, so offer the best pricing quotations.

There are several legal forms of business organization in Cambodia, but the most common is the Single Member Private Limited (LLC analogue). The process of its registration takes about a month.


It consists of the following stages:

  1. Company’s name selection and check of its uniqueness (about 5 days).

  2. Preparation of documents for company’s registration, drawing up articles of incorporation and foundation agreements (2-3 days).

  3. Signing of all the documents and sending them for verification (2-3 weeks).

  4. Receipt of the verified documents and establishment of the company.


Registration of a company as well as any other procedure surely has nuances that we discuss when we advise our client for the first time and from this point on we continue to offer assistance on each and every necessary issue (visa, bank account, business address of registration in Cambodia and so on).

If you delegate the procedure of your company’s registration to us, you will save your time and effort, and most significantly stay in business.