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      Partnership without a written agreement it's Russian roulette.

Lesliе D. Korvin


Our company offers the following services for individuals:

  • Cambodian visa extension for 3 months, 6 months and 1 year;

  • Getting a driver's license in Cambodia;

  • Opening a bank account;

  • Translation services;

  • Transfers, meetings, escort;

  • Market analysis.

Cambodia is not a visa-free country, one requires a visa to visit it and stay here. There are two types of visas in Cambodia: a tourist visa and business visa.

When crossing the border of any country with the Kingdom of Cambodia, one obtains a tourist visa of the Kingdom of Cambodia endorsed in the passport on default. It costs $ 20, which can be paid in US Dollars or Thai baht on Thai to Cambodia border or Vietnamese dong, if the country is entered from Vietnam.

In Phnom Penh or Siem Reap International Airport, a visa is obtained on arrival during passport control and other customs procedures.


Please note that a tourist visa can be extended only ONCE. Therefore, after a single extension of the tourist visa and its expiration, one will have to leave the country. The cost of a single visa extension is $ 50.


The business visa (validity period 30 days) is recommended for a long stay in Cambodia. Immigration official on arrival at the frontier grants it on request. It is recommended to have two photos on you. If one has no pictures, they can be taken right on the spot for additional payment. Visa looks like a green insert, visa number must begin with a series of "EI". This visa is disposable. In consequence, business visa can be extended for a period of 3 months, 6 months and 12 months, there is no need to leave the country. Passport for visa extensions can be submitted any day, without waiting for the expiration of disposable business visa.


The cost of a business visa:

  • disposable, at the entrance or arrival to the country - $ 25;

  • for 3 months - $ 90 (one-time);

  • for 6 months - $ 170 (reusable);

  • for 12 months - $ 295 (reusable).


Only annual business visa allows setting up a company, opening a bank account, purchase, sale and rental of real estate, purchase and sale of a vehicle, participation in credit banking.

Doing Business in Cambodia without a bank account is simply impossible, so opening a bank account is one of the most important stages in the company's registration. This country's banking market is rather glutted. There is a very large number of local and international banks, offering their services. Therefore, the selection of a suitable solution should always be comprehensive, based on factors such as:


  • characteristics and needs of your business;

  • reliability of the bank;

  • privacy and data protection;

  • usage of the most advanced technology that determines the speed of the transaction and the quality of banking services in general;

  • well-functioning support services and consultants, because it affects the ease and convenience of working with a financial institution.


Right choice is the key to the success of your company on the territory of Cambodia as well as on the international market. It is also a guarantee that you will get the maximum returns on the most favourable terms for you.

In today's market, including Cambodian, for service providers, engaged in the production or export-import operations, future success depends on the consideration of all "incoming" factors: pricing environment, presence or absence of competitors, suppliers and market outlets. Therefore, the basis of any successful business is a qualitative analysis of the market.


Market analysis will help to identify a set of options that will satisfy the entrepreneur, draw up a successful business plan and implement it with no trouble. Our consulting company "Lotus Consulting" can take such work on itself, as we have a handle on most Cambodian business areas, thanks to its partners, strong links and sources of information. And even if you conceived a project that does not have analogues and requires specific skills, "Lotus Consulting" will be able to cope with this task. It is understood that we guarantee the complete privacy. Your competitors will not find out about your plans and projects.