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      Partnership without a written agreement it's Russian roulette.

Lesliе D. Korvin


Every business owner and company executive knows how important it is to choose the right business strategy. Art of planning, setting goals, making predictions, and leadership requires knowledge of rules and consideration of fluctuations on the financial and economic market, the ability to respond quickly to any changes and clearly understand the information about the state of organization. The shortest and the surest way to succeed is to continuously monitor the state of the market, perform an up to date and competent analysis and process all the information rapidly.

Strategic consulting plays a huge role in the business development. It is a comprehensive work, the aim of which is to identify and develop strategies for the future development of companies, as a whole, and individual industries. Generally, formation of a strategy provides an answer to the question what needs to be done today, so that the company could successfully exist tomorrow. The purpose of this service is to turn a business idea into a successful business strategy.


We distinguish the following stages of strategic consulting in our work:


  1. Strategic Analysis.

It is the main element of strategic planning. This stage involves such complex activities as:


  • analysis of external environment (assessment of the current state of your company at the market);

  • analysis of immediate environment (suppliers, customers, competitors, labour market);

  • analysis of internal environment (staff, its qualification, potential, organization management, identification of its strengths and weaknesses, marketing and finance research and so on).

  1. Determination of the mission and setting objectives

The main goal at this stage of work, as we believe, is to determine the mission and set objectives. Mission reflects a future course of action of the company, which it has chosen. It indicates what efforts are needed and sets priorities. Objectives specify the mission, making it easy to implement and manage. Then the whole development strategy and its policies are based on the mission and objectives.

Our experts approach each organization individually. They form goals in four main areas, which cover all aspects of your business. These include economic efficiency, well-being and needs of employees, social responsibility and customer management. We believe that objectives hierarchy is essential in setting goals.

  1. Strategic planning.

Perhaps it is the most important step in this process. On this stage, our specialists determine the development strategy for your company and draw up a strategic plan, which in turn is the basis of short-term and long-term business development. Strategic Plan is the best protection of business from internal instability. We are developing a program to optimize the products sold by the company, determine marketing strategy, budget, and controlling measures. We choose a strategy for your company, given its competitive position in the current area of business, as well as the prospects for its development on the market and taking into account the technology that your firm has.

  1. Implementation of the strategic plan, its immediate implementation in the company.

The fourth stage is called a critical process, because if the objectives are achieved, it will lead to the necessary results. We offer the following processes for successful performance:


  • formation of strategic planning system, familiarization of employees with the objectives and strategies of the Plan to involve them in the process of their implementation;

  • continuous monitoring and the timely provision of all necessary resources for implementation of the strategy on the part of management;

  • establishment of management official and incentive system for employees, a clear division of tasks between them, their performance monitoring due time.

  1. The final step is monitoring. On this stage the results are analysed, errors and faults are identified and corrected, educational training for management is provided.


Therefore, strategic planning of business development is an effective management tool for optimization of existing processes and financial flows.

Thanks to strategic consulting services you can easily choose your company’s development priorities, which is especially important when entering a new market.

Well-written strategy that is based on the specifics of the company and the financial and economic situation in the country, considers all the risks and complexity of the work process, as well as takes into account prospects for development and effective management of the resources. Development strategy of the company is not only a basic plan of action, but also a clearly structured scheme of creation a new level of business. Meaning its selection is better be done in cooperation with highly skilled experts.