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      Partnership without a written agreement it's Russian roulette.

Lesliе D. Korvin

Turnkey Business

Where to start?

A lot of our fellow citizens would like to try their hand at setting-up and running a business, but the vast majority of them does not know how to set up a business, how to choose a business segment, where to find all the necessary materials, how to train professional staff, how to manage legal affairs.

Therefore, we introduce you to an innovative solution among all other business services.
Running your own business has never been so easy.

Why turnkey business?

Our goal was to gather as much information as we could about the different business segments in Cambodia, which are not subject to external factors (such as inflation, unstable economic and political situation and so on). Our methods and solutions are based on the experience of professionals, but are offered in such a form that everyone can understand and implement them. Besides, we provide a huge amount of ready-made documents for setting-up a business (artistic elements, price lists, catalogs, order forms, web sites and so on).

We provide you with tools, all you need is to begin using them.

There is a short payback period on investment and a guaranteed demand. Our experts specifically select business segments, which are not subject to wear and tear and inflation, and are properly secured from unforeseen bankruptcy and smashup of your business.

The most obvious advantages of starting-up and running a turnkey business are:

  • A 24-hours-a-day legal advice on all legal matters;
  • Learning fine points of running a business;
  • A market without competition or with little competition;
  • Independence, the ability to constantly acquire new knowledge, build a career and travel;
  • Improvement of your legal culture;
  • Steadily rising income and good career prospects;
  • Expert advice for business partners;
  • Free communication with like-minded people who achieved tangible business results.